IBM Power 770 Server

Designed for virtualized consolidation of business-critical workloads, the IBM Power® 770 delivers on performance, availability, efficiency and virtualization in a way that is unique in the industry. PowerVM™ virtualization enables continuous, dynamic resource adjustments across all partitions and operating environments, independent of physical placement, to optimize performance while minimizing energy usage. Supported environments include AIX®, IBM i, Linux® for Power and x86 Linux applications, all on the same system.
IBM Power clients continuously report savings from reduced hardware, software, energy, floor space and administrative overhead. Additional benefits include faster provisioning, increased application performance and an operational availability that can only come from IBM. All of this is delivered on the latest technology from a vendor you can trust. No wonder more and more companies are switching to IBM Power Systems™.
For database serving, the Power 770 provides a system designed for demanding, critical, back-end workloads. Demonstrating outstanding performance across multiple database solutions and multiple operating systems, the 770 shows its true heart and soul when entrusted with a company’s most treasured IT asset, the database.
For transaction processing workloads, the IBM Power 770 server delivers outstanding performance, mainframe-inspired reliability, modular nondisruptive growth and innovative virtualization technologies. These features are integrated to enable the simplified management of growth, complexity and risk.
For complete business system needs, the Power 770 provides a unique combination of performance across multiple workloads and availability features to keep your business running. In addition, PowerVM virtualization helps to maximize your efficiency and nondisruptive growth options are designed to keep your costs in line with your business. With all this coming together in one integrated energy-saving package, the 770 makes a great business solution.
Now available in configurations up to 64 POWER7™ processor cores, this new version of the popular modular design delivers more capacity with more efficiency than ever before. The result is more performance per system, more performance per footprint, and best of all, more performance per watt. This innovative design approach also enables near-linear scaling and nondisruptive growth while maximizing your investment. POWER7 technology, PowerVM virtualization and the Power 770—the ideal combination for your IT environment.